White Zombie

by Dawn of Oblivion



The single that was never released way back in 1994 because the record company closed down! Only available as download. Send us an e-mail if you want the cover - front & back - as a PDF-file after the purchase.


released October 31, 2013



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Dawn of Oblivion Sweden

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Track Name: White Zombie (single version)

I don't believe a word you say
It will carry me towards a rising hell
I see no future there
All I see is faces that is laughing at me
So take this picture
And throw it away in the wind
So you can leave me here
With the vulture's all around

Feelings of love and hate
Feelings that I can't relate
Should I cry or should I die?
Kill the day, kill the night
Will I never ever do something right?
I'm stuck in here with my nightmare

Everything was happening so fast
Though it seems like 15 years
You came in front of me
But I never thought you came from the dead
Leave me and take those eyes
Away from me, away from all my tears
So act like you used to do
A living cold machine from hell


Calling the white zombie
Kissing the white zombie
Loving the white zombie
So love, ooh love it


It's not against me and you
It's just the fear in bloom
The jealousy's blood killed our lives
The lies you made will never fade
Vengeance's not a too easy word
To explain what we had or caused our death

Hit by the white zombie
Raped by the white zombie
So kill the white zombie
So kill, kill it now, and kill before it kills you
Kill it now because you couldn't hurt me more
Track Name: My Vision

Wrestling with the thoughts of love, what happiness depended on
I couldn’t get you on the phone, you know, I had to know
Smiling to the statues which they brought for right and justice
I just don’t want to think about which time I’m falling for

No, my vision
I don’t know

Why should I hurt you when I love you more than ever
I can’t control the feelings that flows in my mind
Reaching for the highway where I’ll meet the final ending
I don’t dare too much for the very last reality

Always in my vision I am so alone
Always in my vision I love you so
Always in my vision looking through the glass
Always in my vision

No, my vision
No, the vision

Take a seat behind the bridge and watch them passing over
I only wish I had my mind in better hands
I don’t know if you forgive me even if I don’t forgive you
I am looking for another life for me, cause


No, the vision
I don’t know
Track Name: Ikaros 94

Search for a better day
Search for some action
I know the joy, the satisfaction
Yes I know it’s too, it’s too damn cold
And everybody wants to see how it looks up above
Don’t get too close to me
Too close to me

It was fun to be so high
Just like you I tried to fly

You see, I am no hunter
I am just patient
I know to feel the excitement
Escaping from, from the prison earth
Escaping from your anger
They helped to give you wings
But not to be a survivor
To be a survivor


But I’m far too close to the sun

I know I’m flying far too high
Know my golden wings will melt


Ikaros, look I’ll come to you
Ikaros, look what they brought me to
Track Name: The Oblivion (choir mix)

She sits in a room, tries to remember
What to do next for pleasure and pain
It hurts so bad to think about
The day he left her in the rain
In the rain, rain, rain

One day, one day, one day oblivion
The weight/wait is gone
One day, one day, dawn of oblivion
She will find herself in distance
When it's done

Her finger's on the pot, don't open it
It can't help you from this pain
But understand these words he said
"You can't get everything and use it all"
Now listen girl, don't try this way
It's something you just got to understand


She sits in a room, tries to remember
What to do next for pleasure and pain
It hurts so bad to think about
The day he left her in the rain
No don't lose your mind