Anubis E​.​P.

by Dawn of Oblivion



released March 13, 2015

Lyrics by: Fradera
Music by: Fradera/Rosqvist/Nilsson



all rights reserved


Dawn of Oblivion Sweden

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Track Name: Anubis (Radio Edit)
At night I have a connection
The spiritworld haunting my dreams
A jackal head, a funeral procession
Curse of the Pharaohs, silent screams

Down, down around we turn
A kiss of Isis, eternal beauty

Watch the tower at the horizon
At dusk we’ll fall, Osiris calls
A sacred scarab crawls for the diamond
He who is upon his mountain talks

Anubis, Anubis

In flames we could see the spirit rise
All around us
It’s cold, the weighing of the hearts
We bring the sacrifices
We sing our praise to the underworld
Anubis, salvation and despair

Interitum - Anubis
Regem inferus - Anubis

The dead is here for protection
I smell the rotting flesh
The fate of soul dictation
My naked spirit, pure and fresh

Down, down around we turn
A kiss of Isis, eternal beauty

I search for the light of morning
Trapped in chains inside a tomb
Lost my breath, neglected the warning
I’m fading out under a balsamic moon

Anubis, Anubis
Track Name: Walpurgis Night
Images are cold
Images are wild
As we search for ancient rites alive
Whispers in the dark
Whispers in the snow
Whispers in our minds
The essence and the truth
Pagan gods, a one-eyed kingdom comes

In tears we fall
We’re searching for the light
Follow witches call on walpurgis night

As we want to touch the hand of history
We all get blinded by the fate
Whispers in the cold
Whispers in the woods
Whispers in the wild
A naked soul and dancing flames
Lightning strikes, it’s time to fly away

Come with me
Cursed forever