Haunted E​.​P.

by Dawn of Oblivion



released January 1, 1999



all rights reserved


Dawn of Oblivion Sweden

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Track Name: Haunted (E.P. Version)

Watch the water, watch the moving shadows
The hour’s late I’m spinning round the barrows
Feel the earth while it’s moving
In the maze I’m lost while perception’s zooming
So take my hand as we dance on the ceiling
Lies surrounding on Mephisto’s appealing

I said I was coming lonely
Feels like I’m haunted by your flames

Come closer, come for blood of another
Coming close, come for tears of a lover
Right now, right here I’m stalking
The abyss calls for forever falling
I call again as I’m falling over you again
Failures costs as the Eastern Eye will reign


1st verse (repeat)


I’m haunted, your flames (repeat)
Track Name: The Hellfire Sermon (E.P. Version)

Wanted it all in my hands
But it went down into a lie
Scarred faces of innocence
Caught up in a line waiting to die
Decadent lives, virtue and pride
Nuclear wifes in sinister orgasm

Apocalyptic fingers crossed
Humanities decease
Warlords struggling when nature calls
Overwhelming seas

In armaments race we’re obliged to pay
With our lives, with our souls
In polluting skies as Freon tides
We take our potion, the ulcer flows
A thousand years of poverty and agony
Where evolution cracks, chaos commands


So you wanted it all in your hand
But it went down into a lie
Your scarred face of the innocence
Caught up in a line waiting to die
A thousand years of poverty and agony
Where evolution cracks, chaos commands

Track Name: Illusions (Infernal Version)

I hail them again "my friends"
The brothers and sisters of my life
They're black, so dark and white, my light
They're playing on the razor's edge
So guide me to the paradise
This compulsion makes me feel like hell
Makes me feel like hell

It's a long, long way to live that life
It's a long, long time to suffer, my love
I feel, I think and I have feelings
I can also cry
You see, I can
Or is this just illusions for me, for you
Or for them...

I listen to the radio
But I can just read the papers
It's the same so I say
Fighting for peace
Is like fucking for virginity
Like fucking for virginity!


Why do they have to steal our love?
Why do they have to steal our lives?
Why do they have to steal our friends?
It's for nothing like all the rest

After a while what have I got
Nothing they just kicked me out
After a while what have we got
Nothing they just kicked us, kicked us out
Track Name: November (Full Version)
One man said to me
That mankind never learns from history
Now I understand so well his mention
Memories of long lost time
I'm facing all my doubts inside
Is there something I should know
That you won't tell me?
Senseless actions
Devastating realistic genocide
The threshold bursts upon the point of climax
Forgotten years

I'll hide my tears
I'm feeling that I'm thrown again
Down for execution
Through the floury shades of mist
I see a light shining
Gates of love and gates of hate
Facing insignificance
All I ever dreamed about
Buried in the rain of tears

Ride the snake and ride the thunder
Through the acid tears we cry
How could we forget the celebration?
Chilled to the marrow of serenity
Or is it still the pouring rain?
We know it's not the rape of virtue
November fears, November tears
Abuse them all, abused for years
Being torn is our contribution
November fears


November fears