The Final Chapter

by Dawn of Oblivion



released September 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Dawn of Oblivion Sweden

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Track Name: Neptune Falls
Turn away or turn into the madness
You walk in the sky, feeling oh so free
Run away or run into the sadness
Blinded by the lights of wisdom
The widows weeds embrace you in the night
Burn out your candles
Leading you to forget
13 angels entrancing you to fight
Sinister vandals
Airbrush paint on concrete whores
Blood runs cold in the dying sun

What’s there to see?
Destructive halls and wireless calls
So come with me and take my hand
Across the bridge, across the flaming wars
Neptune falls and I’m coming back
There’s nothing to leave behind

Ride the tide
As we walk on the floodland
Fulmars struggle on riverbanks
The soil bleeds black
Nowhere to hide
No shelter in the marshland
Mercury temples, electric fuss
Cosmic junk and toxic prayers
To feed our modern lifestyle
Mother Earth she writhes in pain
In acid rain we cheer for our needs
Ignite the funeral pile
Let it float downstream
What you can’t see
Is not your problem anymore
Track Name: City In The Winds

Yesterday we held each other
Yesterday we walked the streets of broken dreams
Yesterday we watched the sunrise
Yesterday we understood the hatred of past beliefs
Yesterday you said ’I love you’
Yesterday you said ‘tomorrow never dies’
Yesterday you showed me heaven
Yesterday you showed me the temple of gold and iridescence

Do you think we are lovers resurrecting?
Do you think of me up here
In the city in the winds

Out there across the water
Somewhere can you hear my call?

Yesterday, I remember your smile
Yesterday we drank ourselves out of the blue
Yesterday we found forever
Yesterday we believed in angels
We could die for our sins
Track Name: Father

Touched by the hand of eternal life
Watching from the skies above
I know I will survive
Leaving in peace, dreams of a better world
All along the suffered path
The magic’s in our eyes

Dreams of a twilight soul
Caressing me and takes me all the way
To inner peace
At dark I lay me down to rest
I know it’s you, please guide me all the way
Cause it’s my father’s time

Living a life without you by my side
I tried so hard to be the one
That always will survive
Think of the days when I was a boy again
Remember how I missed you so
I tried to forget your name


Your name won’t be forgotten
Track Name: By Bread Alone

The crematory, the pits of fire
A home in the graveyard, how did I survive?

Now listen, even if you understood what it meant
Running around, perhaps looking sideways sometimes
Listening to pleasant music in between lines
But there’s a haunting memory bound to remain
You will understand how it felt
Standing out in the cold rain with the doors closed around you
The warmth of the fireplace out of reach
Without raincoats and wind chilling down the spine
Waiting for 10 minutes, an hour, 10 hours even a whole day

We were put into a crowd and assembled rapidly around the gate
With clubs in our hands we forced the gate by the Demon
With the whip in one hand and the pistol in the other
By the Demon’s command we rallied against the mob
Shouting in order to disperse and to leave
It was a reckless and sickening pursuit
I saw a glimpse of my mother’s younger sister
Just like the others she’d come to look for family and relatives
Run, run I cried again and again
Don’t get caught, you must go back!

I watch my sisters, my Mom
They stand in line for the crematory
By bread alone
A dance macabre for the musselmen
In the pits of fire
By bread alone
A name of numbers in a barbed wire world
A home in the graveyard
By bread alone
Six million families torn to pieces
Why did I survive?
By bread alone
Track Name: Malice
Taste the boot, the latex gloves
Submissive mind of civil torture
Pain, enjoy the lashes
Dominatrix or Mistress of Darkness
Her name obscured for sadistic pleasures
Scream, enjoy the terror
I want her to tie my hands up
Whip me down in masochistic euphoria

Why don’t you kill the beast that dwells inside me
Cold and creeping anguish to be released
Why don’t you let me watch the malice in your eyes
No fear of death eternally

Malice in wonderland

Hunger walks in the predator’s nest
As thirsty slaves of erotic escapades
Enjoy their lashes
Feel the whip of the nine tails
Terminate the fear of breed and poisoned blood
Enjoy their terror
I want her to sink me down
Hide in a prison tank from the sacred and profane



Ave Satani
Track Name: Zodiac Mind

That day it looked so wonderful
She even thought the rain wouldn’t cloud her mind
Waiting for a Capricorn
A kindred spirit, prince charming, the loving kind
This time, it’s going to be right this time
No ascendant in Aries as truth unwinds

Zodiac mind
Her zodiac mind
With her zodiac mind
She calls and seeks her lovers
Zodiac mind
Her zodiac mind
With her zodiac mind
She calls and seeks her lovers

Oh he was so wonderful
She thought the stars couldn’t tell no lies
But even after seven years
The truth came rolling with the tide, flooding her eyes
She gazed upon the stars again
For a scorpio with the purest of heart
Oh she cries

Her eyes are clear
As she walks towards the dawn
Her eyes are clear
As the stars tell right from wrong

So clear and free from troubles
Track Name: Behind Closed Doors

Lay her down in snow white grass
Leave her left alone
Hide behind these walls of glass where paranoia’s grown
Pagan dreams of heaven and hell
Deluded in mass hysteria
Want to take that dagger in hand
To cut the line, eradication
Dust in the hand of God buried in the sand
Where to draw the line?

Can you see the lies in those eyes?
Cause love needs no disguise
Cherish entrancing demise
Cynical slaves of ancient rites

The pilgrims in the sanctuary in trance, incentive dance
Feline dreams of evolution
Sudden death of the exclusion
Terrorized by the rock in the hand
A kiss of death, looking sideways
To find the temptation and lust
They’ll cut the line, eradication
Dust in the hand of God buried in the sand
Where to draw the line?


No one knows what’s going on behind closed doors
Love needs no disguise
No one knows what’s going on behind closed doors
Of ancient rites
No one knows what’s going on behind closed doors
The lies in those eyes
No one knows what’s going on behind closed doors
Love needs no disguise
Track Name: Nymphs of Persephone

As he watched out through the storms
Icy waters flooding over the rails, cold forms
Gaze at the mountains snowy peaks
Realize the error as the wave drowns the ship
Enter silence in ceaseless drift
Interrupted by enchanting choirs of female fatal chants
Hear the sirens far away

She sings with her hands raised high
High up in the sky
Calling out to cry
She stands with her hair in the wind
Irresistible charms
As she raise her arms
Nymphs of Persephone’s singing
To destruction on the rocks
Fatal lullaby
Enticing words to ripe the wisdom
Lake of souls in Hades

The mariner looks through the mist
The milky fog what does it really hide, beyond?
Unaware of the peril ahead
Without the lyre that Orpheus used to drown the siren’s song
A titan wall to rise again
Sudden impact cast away the sailor deep into the sea
Hear the sirens far away
Track Name: Ikaros

Search for a better day
Search for some action
I know the joy, the satisfaction
Yes I know it’s too, it’s too damn cold
And everybody wants to see how it looks up above
Don’t get too close to me
Too close to me

It was fun to be so high
Just like you I tried to fly

You see, I am no hunter
I am just patient
I know to feel the excitement
Escaping from, from the prison earth
Escaping from your anger
They helped to give you wings
But not to be a survivor
To be a survivor


But I’m far too close to the sun

I know I’m flying far too high
Know my golden wings will melt


Ikaros, look I’ll come to you
Ikaros, look what they brought me to
Track Name: Falling

Walk into the arch my friend
Just walk with your mind crystal clear
Don’t talk about the atrocities
With a bloodstained face, tears in your eyes
And you’re falling, you’re falling again

You fall again, you wanted everything
Under the surface to breathe
You fall again, you wanted everything
Just to save your life my friend

Slow on violent march to kingdom come
The call of a roaring thunderous sky
Just blow the golden horn alerting all your enemies
The mourning star will rise at dawn

High, high above where angels cry
Your destiny lies behind
Your grey valleys of arid smoke
Just fly to illuminate the skies
Obliterate the darkest hours
But you’re falling, you’re falling again

You fall again, why don’t you believe?
Track Name: Ghost of Cain

The legacy of blood in the family
Is haunting down from paradise
The Garden of Eden and the serpent’s bliss
The knowledge sets you free
Corruption and greed to abuse the future
Uphold the laws of our own demise
Fragile sins of abomination
The death is reaping seeds of hypocrisy

Touched by the Ghost of Cain
Brought the evil men to build a church in vain
Touched by the Ghost of Cain
Created a martyr crucified in pain

As we turn away from the truth and the fact
We turn into oblivion
Absent minds of new dimensions
So don’t talk to strangers
New technology for sick people to breed
The circle’s closed in aeon
A five pointed red star rose
When Abel stood before his assassin


The Beast and the Ghost of Cain
Made profit of the weaker souls to slain
Touched by the Ghost of Cain
A grimly fiendish imprisonment
To put independence in chains
Track Name: Commando X

Hijackers, atrocities, brotherhood in the fatherland
Families of Kings and Queens
Afghanistan over Babylon
Arabic and the Caucasian race
Bali, Baghdad, Chechnya
China, Grozny, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Jerusalem
Kabul, Kandahar, Najaf and London Town
Persian Gulf and Russia, United States of America
Sta Eugenia, El Pozo, Atocha
United Kingdom, Tikrit, al Qaeda in Washington
Hammas, Jihad, al Jazeera, CNN
Security Council, United Nations, Mossad, Mi5 and CIA
Jose Maria Aznar, Tony Blair
George W Bush and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

”I never tried I never lied”
We’ve heard it before

Jesus Christ, Mohammed
Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein
David Kelly, Koffi Annan, Buddha’s of Bamiyan
Fundamental terror and Abu Ghurayb
Dubrovka theatre, Downing Street, the White House
Biological and chemical NBC weapons wanted dead or alive
Anthrax, SCUD and desert storms
Infantry, bombers and US Marine
Intelligence, stupidity. Pentagon is marching on
Suicide and Holy War, New World Order, the nine o’clock news
World Trade Center and the Fahrenheit 911

”I never tried I never lied”
We’ve heard it before
Track Name: The Witchking (appendix)

I brought you here to serve your Masters will
To crush the Empire of Light
My proud soldiers, prepare to kill
Hoist the banner of death
Legions of the Evil Eye
Haradrims, Variags and Orcs
We're marching out as Gondor will die

The Witchking desires tormenting of the souls
Creation of the martyrs and triumph on the Pelennor field
The Witchking desires insidious lies to manipulate
This wraith of cold dark breath will make those creatures yield

Follow me for the final torture
Endless nights, we will prevail
Now raise your swords
Harsh throats cries a malice hail
Overshadowed by black magic
Bide your time for longevities
Those nefarious that fall behind
Wait here for Sauron to question your sins


Overshadowed by black magic
Bide your time for longevities
Those nefarious that fall behind
Wait here for Sauron to question your sins